How To Choose Hotels In Turkey

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How To Choose Hotels In Turkey
How To Choose Hotels In Turkey
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If you decide to visit Turkey, think over all the details of your upcoming vacation in advance. A huge number of hotels for every taste and budget are concentrated in the resort areas. In order not to get confused and make the right choice, decide for yourself how you would like to spend your vacation. The choice of the hotel will depend on this.

How to choose hotels in Turkey
How to choose hotels in Turkey


Step 1

The first step is to determine your budget. In Turkey, you will find hotels from 3 to 5 stars, designed for tourists of various incomes. Factors such as the presence of your own beach, distance from it, living conditions, type of food, variety of certain entertainments, infrastructure, etc. depend on the number of stars.

Step 2

There are hotels aimed at young people, families with children, quiet pastime and respectable tourists. An adult-only hotel was recently opened on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Step 3

Turkish hotels vary in size. There are hotels where up to 3000 people can stay at the same time. These are large complexes with a huge territory. There are also small hotels with 100 to 200 rooms.

Step 4

Many hotels have their own beach. These are, as a rule, 5-star hotels that operate on an all-inclusive basis. There are also several breakfast-only hotels. Lunches, dinners and drinks are offered there at an additional cost.

Step 5

There are hotels in the resorts of Turkey that have their own beaches, but are located on the second line. To get to the beach, you will need to cross the road or walk through an underground passage.

Step 6

Keep in mind that not all beaches in the Mediterranean and Aegean are sandy. Turkey has beaches with coarse or small pebbles. Mostly pebbly beaches are located in the regions of Kemer, Alanya and in the resorts of the Aegean Sea.

Step 7

The most expensive hotels are located in Lara and Belek. In Side, Alanya and Kemer you can find hotels of any level.

Step 8

Hotels in Lara, Belek and Side are suitable for families with children. There are sandy beaches and a gentle entrance to the sea. Kemer will be interesting for both young people and tourists who prefer an exclusive service.

Step 9

The most fun and youthful hotels are Club Hotel Phaselis Rose 5 *, Kaplan Paradise 5 *, Miracle Resort Hotel 5 *, Catamaran Resort Hotel 5 * and others.

Step 10

Likia World & Links Golf 5 *, Club Ali Bey Belek, Ela Quality Resort 5 *, Limak Arcadia Golf & Sport 5 *, Gloria Golf Resort 5 * and others are perfect for families with children.

Step 11

Inexpensively you can relax in the hotels Grand Beauty Hotel 4 *, Magic Hotel 4 *, Elite Life 4 *, Ceres 4 *, Melissa Garden Hotel 4 *, etc.

Step 12

The best hotels are Calista Luxury Resort 5 *, Delphin Palace Deluxe Collection 5 *, Mardan Palace 5 *, Maxx Royal Belek Golf & Spa 5 *, etc.

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