Turkey: Which Resort To Choose

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Turkey: Which Resort To Choose
Turkey: Which Resort To Choose
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Many tourists love Turkey for the abundance of resorts for every taste. There is something to do here for those who like to soak up the sun, and for active youth, and for couples with young travelers, and, of course, for connoisseurs of history. Depending on personal preferences and the composition of travelers, as well as on the month for which the vacation is planned, you need to select a suitable resort.

Alanya resort
Alanya resort

The most popular resorts in Turkey

Turkey is washed by two seas - the Mediterranean and the Aegean. This explains the difference in climatic conditions on the territory of the resort towns.

For May and October trips, that is, for the opening and closing of the tourist season, the best choice will be the resorts of the Mediterranean - Alanya, Antalya, Kemer, Belek, Sid.

At the height of the beach season - June, July, August - no doubt, it is better to choose the resorts of the Aegean Sea, such as Marmaris, Kusadasi, Bodrum. These cities are located farther north than the resorts of the Mediterranean Sea, and during this hot time the water temperature is more comfortable there.


A favorite place for fans of the famous Turkish all inclusive. This city is dynamically developing and filled with modern entertainment complexes. Luxurious hotels and a water park will not leave anyone indifferent, but local beaches have not won the love of tourists.


For a romantic getaway for two, Sid is perfect, where you can retire from the bustle of the city and get a lot of pleasure from the purest sea water. The beaches of this city are marked with the European blue flag, and this is a high indicator of their quality!


If you want to spend your vacation in a sporty atmosphere, then it is best to go to Belek for this purpose. This city is young and was built to become a resort place. Athletes from all over the world come here every year, since it is in this place in Turkey that there is a cluster of health centers, gyms and golf clubs. Belek hotels impress with their high level of service.


A recognized resort for young people. There are affordable prices and a large selection of discos and clubs for every taste.


Friendly Kemer will give the tourist the pleasure of almost virgin vegetation. There is a good atmosphere here for families with children, however, on many beaches there are not sand, but pebbles. Therefore, if you prefer sandy beaches, when choosing a hotel, you should check the availability of those nearby.


Marmaris has excellent conditions for the adventurous tourists. Two seas border here: the Mediterranean and the Aegean. Marmaris attracts diving and surfing enthusiasts. Also, if you visit this resort in May, you can watch the international sailing regatta. On top of that, this city is famous for its rich nightlife, so there is something to do here at any time of the day.


Bodrum is a historical place where events significant for the world took place at different times: Herodotus was born here, in ancient times the city was defeated by Alexander the Great, in the Middle Ages on the territory of Bodrum there was a haven of crusaders. Today this place has become an important tourist center of Turkey, largely due to the fact that rest in this area is excellent for different age groups of people. The Greek Islands are located not far from Bodrum, which is very attractive for tourists, and the favorable climate is conducive to real rest.

Balneological resorts in Turkey

Turkey is an amazing hospitable country that will meet at the proper level those tourists who would like to improve their health during their holidays. There are many balneological resorts in Turkey.

Kangal is very popular. It is located in the northern part of Turkey. This city is famous for its medical center specializing in the treatment of psoriasis.

Pamukkale is famous for its healing mineral springs, with the help of which various diseases of the kidneys, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular, digestive and nervous systems are successfully treated.

The mud and thermal baths of the Balchova resort will help in the fight against dermatological diseases, disorders of digestion, metabolism, as well as in chronic inflammatory processes.

Ayder Resort is a mountain village with hot thermal springs, which have become popular with tourists from all over the world.

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