How To Get By Bus To Yaroslavl

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How To Get By Bus To Yaroslavl
How To Get By Bus To Yaroslavl
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Yaroslavl has a direct bus connection with many settlements in the region or beyond. This allows you to get to it by direct flight or with a transfer in other cities.

How to get by bus to Yaroslavl
How to get by bus to Yaroslavl

It is necessary

money for a ticket


Step 1

Find out if there is a direct bus service between your city and Yaroslavl. To do this, contact the bus station information desk. Buses to Yaroslavl can depart not only from the bus station, but also from other starting points. For example, there are several flights from Moscow to Kostroma with a stopover in Yaroslavl from the Yaroslavl railway station. But most of the flights depart from the bus station at the Shchelkovskaya metro station. The procedure for purchasing tickets and booking seats in such cases may have its own specifics. So, for flights of private carriers, it is advisable to pre-book the required number of seats by phone, and the ticket will be cheaper than landing without booking at the point of departure.

Step 2

Check if transit buses to Yaroslavl pass through your city and make a stop there. For example, a flight from Moscow goes through Sergiev Posad, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Petrovsk, Rostov Yaroslavsky. In turn, buses can make a stop in Yaroslavl, for which it is neither the starting nor the final destination, for example, Vologda - Ivanovo and, accordingly, Ivanovo - Vologda or Moscow - Kostroma.

Step 3

Contact the ticket office of the bus station to purchase a ticket. If your city is the starting point of the bus, you can buy a ticket in advance. Check the possibility of pre-sale of a ticket for a transit bus at the ticket office or the information desk of the bus station or bus station. You can also buy a ticket just before departure.

Step 4

Come to the departure time at the pick-up point - at the bus station, bus station or otherwise. Wait until your flight is announced, show your ticket to the driver or apron controller and take your seat on the bus. If necessary, also buy a baggage ticket and place your cargo in the hold.

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