How To Get To Sheremetyevo

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How To Get To Sheremetyevo
How To Get To Sheremetyevo

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Sheremetyevo is Moscow's international airport located in the northwest. Every day, a huge number of people arrive in the capital of Russia and leave it through these air gates. There are several ways to get to Sheremetyevo from the city: by public transport, which includes minibuses, buses and Aeroexpress trains, as well as by your own car or by taxi.

How to get to Sheremetyevo
How to get to Sheremetyevo


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The fastest way to get to Sheremetyevo is by using the Aeroexpress. It departs from the Belorussky railway station and costs 320 rubles. Trains start at 05:30 in the morning and end at 00:30. The interval of movement is 30 minutes. Aeroexpress trains reach Terminals D, E and F in 35 minutes. A free shuttle bus runs to Terminals B and C - a small bus that takes only Aeroexpress passengers to the terminals.

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Buses run from two metro stations: Planernaya and River Station. Bus 817 runs from the Planernaya station; like all buses, it alternately passes by all airport terminals. The route starts at 05:30 and ends at 0:08. The interval between buses varies depending on the time of day. Route 617 reaches the airport in 40-50 minutes. The bus fare is 28 rubles.

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From the metro station Rechnoy Vokzal there are buses 851 and 851E (express, movement without stops). Bus 851 starts at 5:35 am and ends at 0:49 am. 851E runs only in the early morning, from 6:32 am to 7:56 am. The approximate travel time of the bus is 40-50 minutes, but it strongly depends on traffic jams on the Leningradskoe highway. The fare is 28 rubles.

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From the River Station to Sheremetyevo there is a minibus 949, from Planernaya - number 948. They start at 6:45 and end at 21:45. The approximate time it takes for minibuses to get to the airport is the same from both stations, it is 30-40 minutes, if there are no traffic jams on the Leningradskoye highway. Even if they are, minibuses get there faster than buses. Usually minibuses leave the metro when they are full of passengers. The fare is 70 rubles.

Step 5

If you have your own car, then you can get to Sheremetyevo by it. However, remember that you will have to leave your car somewhere, and parking on the territory of the airport complex is paid. It is easier to use a taxi service, which will take you, and you will not need to take care of the car.

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