How To Put Things In A Suitcase

How To Put Things In A Suitcase
How To Put Things In A Suitcase

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Even a small suitcase can hold a large amount of clothes if you learn how to compactly fold things. The ability to rationally use the free space in a travel suitcase is indispensable for any traveler who appreciates his comfort during the trip.

How to put things in a suitcase
How to put things in a suitcase

When going on vacation, people usually try to take everything they need with them. Travelers often fail to properly plan their vacation and think about what things will be useful for them on the road, and which will become an extra burden. As a result, they have to carry heavy and bulky suitcases with them, stuffed to overflowing with unnecessary things, half of which people do not even use when traveling. In order for the trip to bring you only pleasant emotions, you need to learn how to rationally use the free space in travel bags and plan in advance what you will take with you.

The hardest part is choosing clothes and shoes. Do not put a dozen elegant blouses in your suitcase if you are going to the sea for a week. The same goes for shoes: fashionable high-heeled shoes will take up a lot of space in your bag, and you will only be able to put them on a couple of times if there is an appropriate reason for this. If you are not sure whether you will visit expensive restaurants, theaters and social events on vacation, do not take uncomfortable shoes and evening dresses with you. These things take up a lot of space, they are impractical, you cannot walk in them every day. Choose in advance a couple of sets of comfortable clothes in which you can enjoy the sights and travel without the distraction of heavy luggage. It is better to take things with you that do not wrinkle. This way, you can pack them tightly and compactly without worrying about the fabric getting wrinkled. Any hotel will provide you with an iron, but wouldn't it be better to save yourself the hassle of ironing your clothes on vacation?

At the bottom of the suitcase, you need to put things that you definitely will not need on the road: warm clothes, towels, spare sets of linen. A travel first aid kit and personal hygiene products are best placed on top in direct access so that you can use them at any time.

Bulky garments can be rolled into heavy rolls and wrapped in clean plastic bags. Fold shirts and T-shirts on top of each other and fold them together. Your belongings will take up less space in your bag, which means you can place them more efficiently. In addition, plastic clothing bags will help protect your clothes from getting wet and dirty. It is convenient to store various small items between the bags: shampoo bottles, deodorants, cosmetic bags, books on the road. All liquids that can accidentally open and stain the contents of the bag must be packed in a waterproof film in advance.

Do not fill your suitcase to overflowing. On vacation, you will probably want to buy gifts for relatives and friends, so leave some free space in your bag in advance so that new purchases can fit there.

If you are carrying expensive equipment (camera, camcorder, laptop) with you, do not put it in a shared suitcase. It is better to carry such things in a separate bag, which should also contain documents and tickets. On the plane, a bag with equipment and documents must be taken in hand luggage, since you cannot vouch for the safety of your property if you hand over the valuables to the luggage compartment.

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