What To Buy In China

What To Buy In China
What To Buy In China
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Chinese goods are cheap and available to the bulk of the population. Therefore, it is in great demand in the Russian market. At the same time, one should not confuse clandestine products with factory products. A lot of quality goods are produced in China. If you suddenly find yourself on the territory of this country, do not deny the pleasure of pampering yourself with a souvenir or little thing.

What to buy in China
What to buy in China

From time immemorial, China has been famous for silk. There is a factory for its production in Beijing. Therefore, "good experts" of this country recommend buying silk items and souvenirs. They are of good quality and unusual design. Silk products with embroidery are especially appreciated. If you want to surprise a loved one with a gift, choose just such a product.

Along with silk, first of all in China one should buy tea - green, black, white, yellow orchid. It really isn't worth saving on. Since in Russia it is difficult to get very good Chinese tea and it costs a lot of money. Have you noticed how green tea is stored in summer in Russia? On regular counters at high temperatures. In fact, it should be kept cool.

Traditionally, tourists buy souvenirs in China made of crystal and porcelain, bamboo, ivory and jade. You can buy interesting jewelry made of gold, silver, pearls of different colors and precious stones for yourself or for loved ones.

Lovers of antiques and oriental culture can buy enamel and tapestry, artwork and Buddha statues. Calligraphy and traditional lanterns will remind you of your trip for a long time.

If you like Chinese food, during the trip you have the chance to buy a set, kitchen and cutlery for yourself. At the same time, you can purchase them at a price much lower than in Russia. Are you dreaming of mastering the ritual of tea drinking? What's the matter then? This can be done in China. In addition, there you can buy a tea set with all the paraphernalia.

It is also profitable to buy electronic technical goods and fur coats in China. Hong Kong is famous for quality electronics. A good fur coat can be bought in Beijing, Harbin and Shanghai.

All products can be purchased both in specialized stores and on the market. It should only be taken into account that there is a large markup in the stores for the cost of the goods. And on the market you can be deceived and slipped a low-quality thing. And don't forget to bargain when buying, the Chinese love that. And as a rule, they yield 30-50% of the original price.

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