How To Get A Visa

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How To Get A Visa
How To Get A Visa
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Any foreign citizen needs a visa to enter another country in the world. A visa is an official right to visit a country or transit through its territory. Any resident can make a private invitation to visit relatives in his country.

How to get a visa
How to get a visa


Step 1

Any foreign citizen, except for visa-free countries, must apply for a visa to arrive in another country. This requires:

- a foreign passport or a document replacing it;

- completed visa application form;

- three photographs 3x4cm;

- travel documents or an invitation to enter.

Step 2

Citizens of some countries need to have a health insurance policy and a certificate of absence of HIV infections with them. Entry invitations are usually issued by the foreign ministries or their representatives. They are made on specially protected from counterfeiting forms, which in the future will need to be provided in the original. Any citizen can make a private invitation to a foreign citizen by submitting a written application. From the date of issue of the document, it will be valid for one year or one three-month trip, unless other conditions are agreed.

Step 3

To make a visa for a tourist stay in the country, a foreign person or stateless person must:

- confirmation of travel agencies;

- original travel voucher from a foreign travel agency through which the trip was made;

- two-way tickets for passenger transport with the exact date of departure from the country. In this case, you can get a visa for a period not exceeding thirty days.

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