How To Get A Work Visa To Germany

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How To Get A Work Visa To Germany
How To Get A Work Visa To Germany
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A work visa to Germany is normal and for a certain period of time (season). With a seasonal visa you can stay in Germany for up to six months, with a work visa - a minimum year. Getting a visa to work in Germany is quite problematic. This is due to the fact that the country has a law prohibiting the employment of foreign citizens. Since the work visa is not a Schengen visa, you will not be able to visit any other European state that belongs to the Schengen area.

How to get a work visa to Germany
How to get a work visa to Germany

It is necessary

invitation from Germany


Step 1

Check first if your profession is in demand at the moment, to do this, contact the consular department for employment in Germany. Based on German law, foreign citizens cannot work in the country without special permission from the federal labor office.

Step 2

Prepare the documents you need to apply for a visa. The package of documents consists of three copies of questionnaires with photographs 4x5 cm in German with the personal signature of the person who wants to get a visa, a foreign and Russian passport indicating the place of residence, a labor contract or an invitation from Germany, permission of the institution for foreigners to carry out labor activities. Your passport must be valid at least 90 days longer than your visa. All documents must be original (not a photocopy) and have two copies.

Step 3

Pay the visa fee. For adults, the fee is sixty euros, for children thirty. In addition, you may need additional documents, be ready to provide them. If the information submitted is false or false, you will be prohibited from entering Germany and other Schengen states.

Step 4

Check the correctness of the data in the visa upon receipt: the period of validity of the visa, the number of possible entries into the country. If you are traveling with children, the visa must be marked accordingly. The procedure for obtaining a work visa usually takes several months. Once the embassy has received consent from the Office for Foreigners, you will be notified in writing. If within 180 days after you applied for a work visa and did not receive written notice, you can inquire about the status of your application by phone.

Step 5

Don't try to get a job illegally. You are not only socially unprotected in any way, but you are also subject to deportation if this violation is revealed.

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