What Is The Best Way To Relax In Tunisia

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What Is The Best Way To Relax In Tunisia
What Is The Best Way To Relax In Tunisia

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One of the most picturesque and attractive in terms of climate and setting of the service system is undoubtedly one of the leading countries in the tourism business of the Mediterranean basin, a land rich in pink flamingos, jasmine and hibiscus - Tunisia.

What is the best way to relax in Tunisia
What is the best way to relax in Tunisia

Holidays all year round

In order for the rest to leave only pleasant memories, drawing up a travel plan must begin with an assessment of the state's climate favorable to the trip. You can visit the resorts of Tunisia all year round, but if you want to enjoy the warm water of the ocean, it is better to choose tours closer to May. From June to November, the active beach season begins here.Fans of flaunting in bikinis will be surprised by the not too hot Mediterranean climate, devoid of stifling heat.

Most of the Tunisian hotels offer very modern service, close to the European class. The main concentration of hotels is noted in the largest cities, such as the rich nightlife of Sousse, quiet, green Hammamet, Magdia, Monastir.

Hotel selection

In general, holidays in this country are considered youthful and are favorable for the whole family to travel, 3-4-star hotels can boast of an animation program, which is many times superior to the hotels of the highest level.

It is believed that when arriving in an African country, you should not book a room below 4 stars, the quality and variety of food and alcoholic beverages offered will depend on this. If you want to save on food and eat in restaurants, then it will be enough to look into the cafe next to the hotel, where you will get a menu very similar to the hotel menu.

If you want to pamper yourself with a cosmetic procedure popular in this country - thalassotherapy - you should take a closer look at the complexes that have beauty parlors on their territory.


As for cash, you can exchange it absolutely anywhere. Both hotels and local banks have the same exchange rate. You can travel around Tunisia both by minibuses, by taxi, the prices of which are very reasonable and increase only with the onset of night, and by a specially rented car, therefore, when going to Tunisia, do not forget to take your driver's license, which will indicate that you are already have reached the age of 21.


When planning excursions, remember that hotels offer trips at very inflated prices, there are not so many excursion programs, the most intense of them is a two-day program of visiting the Sahara with a tour of oases, salt lakes and Star Wars filming locations.

If you dream of bringing something worthwhile and memorable from Tunisia, remember, the markets and shops of Tunisia are places where it is worth bargaining. Truly good things are no less expensive than in France or Italy. Please note that antiques and national currency are strictly prohibited for export.

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