How To Leave To Live In Russia In

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How To Leave To Live In Russia In
How To Leave To Live In Russia In

Video: How To Leave To Live In Russia In

Video: How To Leave To Live In Russia In
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Citizens of countries with which Russia has a visa-free regime have several opportunities to legally or relatively legally settle in the Russian Federation. The easiest way is for those who have relatives or their own housing in our country. In other cases, it is more difficult, but there are still chances.

How to leave to live in Russia
How to leave to live in Russia

It is necessary

  • - a valid passport (preferably a foreign one);
  • - housing in Russia;
  • - source of income in the country or independent of geography outside of it.


Step 1

The simplest, but most troublesome option is available to citizens of countries that have mutual agreements on visa-free entry to Russia. In this case, they need to find accommodation, which can be done upon arrival. And then every 90 days to leave the Russian Federation to any visa-free country, and then enter back at least the same day.

And so every three months.

In this situation, it is impossible to legally get a job in Russia. But in some cases this is not critical. For example, if you have sources of income that do not depend on geography.

Step 2

You will be relieved of the need to cross the border every 90 days by issuing a temporary residence permit. But for this you need to find a living space, which will serve as the basis for going through the necessary formalities.

The easiest way is if it is owned by you or your relatives who agree to register you. In a rented apartment, this is unlikely. Usually the owners of such premises prefer not to advertise that they are being rented out to someone.

The quota for such permits can also be a hindrance. If it has already been exhausted, this will be the basis for refusal.

Step 3

If you have a migration registration, you can solve the problem of legal employment. To begin with, you must be registered by the owner of the apartment or anyone who is registered in it. He is required to appear at the FMS or to the post office with his and your passports and your migration card received upon entering the country, and fill out the necessary papers.

For a work permit, you must apply to the FMS, and then there - for a temporary residence permit. But here again everything can run into a quota.

Step 4

If you have a temporary residence permit and after a year of stay in the country in this status, you can apply for a residence permit in the Russian Federation. In this case, you need to present to the FMS evidence that you have housing (your own or provided to you by its owner), a source of income in the Russian Federation or sufficient funds for living.

You will have to go through a medical examination, as in obtaining a temporary residence and work permit.

The presence of housing, means of subsistence and what you spent outside the Russian Federation for no more than six months, you will have to confirm every year of stay in the country on the basis of a residence permit.

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