What To Do If A Travel Agency Deceived You

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What To Do If A Travel Agency Deceived You
What To Do If A Travel Agency Deceived You

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Summer is the time for vacations. Surely in your dreams you are lying on the beach, sipping a cocktail, or conquering mountain peaks, not caring at all about the essentials - after all, a travel company did it for you. However, reality may differ from fantasy, and the travel agency may not fulfill its promises.

What to do if a travel agency deceived you
What to do if a travel agency deceived you

It is necessary

  • - contract for the provision of services;
  • - cheque.


Step 1

Before making a claim, re-read the contract concluded with the company. If the manager promised you a spacious room with windows overlooking the sea, and the bedroom is equipped with air conditioning, but the document does not say a word about this, then you, in fact, have nothing to complain about. Therefore, when concluding a contract for the provision of travel services, carefully read the proposed documents. If you do not understand any points, ask for a copy with you and consult with a lawyer.

Step 2

If, according to the documents, you are right, try to resolve the conflict with the hotel administration and the representative of the travel agency. It did not have an effect - express your discontent in writing and demand from the administration a note that they are familiar with the claims. If necessary, find witnesses - your fellow countrymen, who will be able to confirm your words at home.

Step 3

If possible, photograph violations. A fly in a soup, torn sheets in a declared five-star hotel, a dirty beach - such pictures will be good arguments in your dispute with a travel agency.

Step 4

Returning from vacation, do not postpone the matter indefinitely. Collect documents and go to the travel agency to express your complaint. As a rule, companies that value their name do not want to bring the case to court. Most likely, you will be offered monetary compensation.

Step 5

If you do not come to a mutually beneficial agreement, you have the right to apply to the Ministry of Sports and Tourism, the Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights or the court. To initiate a lawsuit, you will need a service agreement, a check confirming the transfer of your money to a travel agency, and as much evidence as possible to prove your case: receipts, tickets, pictures.

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