How To Get Into Duty Free

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How To Get Into Duty Free
How To Get Into Duty Free

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There are duty-free zones at every international airport. An ordinary tourist can get there only by breaking through customs control. But airport employees, flight attendants and aircraft pilots can shop bypassing border guards.

How to get into duty free
How to get into duty free


Step 1

The route to the gate, where the duty-free shops are located, is approximately the same at Moscow's Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo and Domodedovo airports. First, get your boarding pass and drop off your baggage. This can be done at the counters next to the entrance to the departure area. Pay attention to the electronic board that weighs in front of the door. Three hours before the departure of the plane, the numbers of the counters where the check-in for the flight will take place will be displayed.

Step 2

Find the counter with the desired number. Economy class passengers adhere to a common queue. Business seat owners are served in a separate window or out of turn. To check in for the flight, you will need a passport and a plane ticket. Give the documents to the airport employee at the counter. He will give you your boarding pass, carry-on luggage tag and baggage number slip. Large bags and suitcases are sent along a conveyor belt to the loading bay, and from there on board.

Step 3

After receiving your boarding pass, proceed to the customs area. Watch out for signs, control is in different sectors of the airport (A, B, C, D, etc.), both on the first and second floors. Go to the booth with the customs officer and give him your passport. He will check the authenticity of the document, the presence of a visa and allow you to move on. Then the personal search area begins, where hand luggage will be enlightened with a special device. You will have to go through a frame or detector that will illuminate your clothing for weapons and explosives.

Step 4

Duty free shops start right behind the security check zone. In them you can buy alcohol, cosmetics, clothes, watches and much more. It is allowed to pay for purchases in rubles, US dollars or euros. If change is needed, the cashier will issue it in the desired currency.

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