How To Travel To Finland By Car

How To Travel To Finland By Car
How To Travel To Finland By Car

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Holidays in Finland are becoming more and more popular among Russians. You can get to this small, but hospitable and cozy country by all means of transport, including travel by ferry from St. Petersburg. Traveling by car has its advantages.

There are many interesting things in Finland
There are many interesting things in Finland

Before setting off, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules of customs control. These rules change periodically, Russian and Soviet driver's licenses, with the exception of temporary ones, are valid in Finland, but nevertheless, when planning a trip, check if there have been any changes.

Check the car. In Finland, the technical condition of vehicles is very strict. Headlights must be in good working order (in Finland they always drive with low beam), wheels, steering, brakes. Specify how your car should be "shod". In summer in Finland it is forbidden to use winter tires, and the maximum permissible tread depth at this time is 1.6 mm. In winter, the tread depth cannot be less than 3 mm, and the tires must have a special stamp (M + S). The terms of the mandatory use of winter tires depend on the weather. From December 1 to March 1, the use of studded tires is allowed. If the winter is long and snowy, the lifespan may be extended.

Remove the radar detector. In Finland, these devices are prohibited, and troubles cannot be avoided, even if the device is just lying in the glove compartment. Front windows should not be tinted in excess of the standards established by the manufacturer. In any case, the light transmittance of the windshield must not be lower than 75%. Remove the additional light-protective film in advance, otherwise you will simply not be allowed across the border.

Take care of the "green card" - European civil liability insurance. You can buy such a policy at one of the sales points located near international automobile checkpoints in the Vyborgsky district of the Leningrad region or in Karelia. You can do this in St. Petersburg by contacting any travel agency that organizes holidays in Finland.

Prepare your documents. You must have a passport, driving license, car registration certificate, insurance policy, "green card", hotel reservation. In some cases, a notarized power of attorney for the car is also required. Customs declarations must be completed in advance. There should be two of them at the entrance. It is better to immediately prepare a declaration and leave.

As for the route, there are several of them. If you are coming from the center of Russia or from the south, it is most convenient to get first to St. Petersburg, then take the Scandinavia highway and take it to Vyborg. There are three checkpoints in the Vyborg District: Brusnichnoye, Torfyanovka and Svetogork. They are loaded about the same. In winter, the road to Torfyanovka is considered the most dangerous. If you are coming from the north, the road through Karelia will be shorter. There are several checkpoints there: “Vyartsilya”, “Luttya”. You can enter Finland from the Murmansk region through the points "Lawn", "Lotta" or "Salla".

Regardless of which checkpoint you go through, drive along the lane for light vehicles. It is better to choose the "green corridor" (of course, if you do not have items in your luggage that need to be declared). There are queues on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings, as well as before holidays.

At the checkpoint on the Russian side, the driver himself approaches the customs officer and presents 2 copies of the declaration. One copy should be given to you. Please keep it to show it when leaving Finland.

The next stage is passport control, which both passengers and the driver go through. The driver presents a registration certificate for the car and a passport, all others - passports. After checking, do not remove documents far away.The customs officer must inspect the trunk. Not finding anything illegal, he will let your car pass.

Having approached the Finnish point, get out of the car and go through passport control again. The driver should be the first here too. Usually, documents for a car and a passport are enough, but they may ask for a policy, a credit card, a reservation for a hotel room, and also ask a few standard questions.

Once in Finland, strictly follow the rules. Parking lots are marked with a permit sign - you cannot park in other places. The Finnish police are also strict about violations of the speed limit, which is different in winter and summer.

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