What To See In Colombia

What To See In Colombia
What To See In Colombia

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Colombia is a wonderful, distinctive country where you can see both the unique nature and the atmosphere of Latin American cities. Salsa, the warm Caribbean Sea, whales on the Pacific coast, water sports, mountains and coffee plantations and more - all of Colombia.

What to see in Colombia
What to see in Colombia

1. Bogota

Despite the fact that this is the capital, there are not so many attractions there, to see everything, two days will be enough. It is worth visiting Bolivar Square, the National Museum, taking a walk in the Candelaria area and the old town, and taking the funicular to Mount Motserrat. If you have time, you can still walk in parks and in the northern districts of the city. Pay attention to the "harsh" weather: Bogota is located at an altitude of about 2500 meters above sea level, and therefore it is always cool here: 14-18 degrees, and the weather is also very changeable. On Montserrat in the evening it can be no more than 8-10 degrees, so you cannot do without warm clothes. Bogota is not the safest city, so do not carry a lot of money with you, expensive cameras, do not walk in questionable areas (they are located south of the center) even during the day, and in the evening take a taxi.

2. Medellin

Homeland of the famous Pablo Escobar and the popular singer Juanes. It is a beautiful city with very low prices and friendly people. There you can visit the Botero Park with its famous sculptures, take a funicular ride over the favelas, take a walk in a huge park in the prestigious El Poblado area. Buy fresh fruits and fresh juices on the street.

Guatape is a small colonial-style town just an hour's drive from Medellin. There is also a climbable mountain and reservoirs.

3. Kali

This city is located closer to the Pacific coast. The wonderful climate and a large number of parks make it comfortable for life. Besides, Kali is the birthplace of salsa. Here they dance everywhere: in squares, in theaters, clubs and bars.

4. Cartagena

It is a colonial-style city on the shores of the Caribbean. From here you can sail to the paradise islands, watch the sunset sitting on the castle wall overlooking the whole city, and wind and kitesurf during the season (from November to February). And also walk along the narrow streets of the old city, dance salsa in clubs and bars.

5. Santa Marta

It is a city on the coast east of Cartagena. Next to it there is a unique nature reserve - Tayrona.

6. San Andres

It is an island in the Caribbean, next to Nicaragua, but it belongs to Colombia. Here you can forget about civilization and plunge into the atmosphere of a holiday and eternal summer for a while. The easiest way to get to San Andres is by plane from Bogota or Medellin.

7. Valley of Kokora

Here you will see the tallest palm trees in the world and just enjoy nature. The Cocora Valley can be reached from the town of Salento by jeep. It is best to leave early in the morning.

8. Coffee plantations

The Coffee Triangle is located near the town of Manizalis. You can buy a guided tour at the train station or in the center. It is also better to leave time for Manizals itself, it is very pleasant to stroll around this town.

9. Caño Cristales

It is a four-color river. Due to the blooming of multi-colored algae, it seems that the water has several colors. But you can catch this miracle of nature only in the fall.

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