Where To Go In Yalta And Alushta

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Where To Go In Yalta And Alushta
Where To Go In Yalta And Alushta

Video: Where To Go In Yalta And Alushta

Video: Where To Go In Yalta And Alushta

Yalta and Alushta are the most popular resort towns on the coast of the Crimean peninsula. They are versatile holiday destinations that meet the needs of both outdoor enthusiasts and those looking for a quieter experience.

Where to go in Yalta and Alushta
Where to go in Yalta and Alushta

What's interesting in Yalta?

Mount Ai-Petri is a visiting card of Yalta. This mountain is located on the territory of the Yalta nature reserve. You can get there in several ways: by cable car, by car along a dizzying serpentine, along hiking trails. An unforgettable view of the city opens up from the top of the mountain.

The main attraction of Yalta is the Livadia Palace - the summer residence of the imperial family of the Romanov dynasty. The palace is surrounded by a beautiful park with fountains and sculptures.

In Yalta, you can visit the Massandra Palace, which is also surrounded by a beautiful park. Here you can also get to the tasting of the famous Crimean wines.

The suburbs of Yalta, which are just a few kilometers from the city, are also rich in sights.

In the village of Gaspra there is a Sunny path. This is a 7 km long scenic road leading from the Livadia Palace park to the former dacha of the Romanov dynasty on Mount Ai-Todor. A walk along this trail will give you a true aesthetic pleasure from contemplating natural beauty, and clean air will give you strength.

Connoisseurs of architecture in the same village have the opportunity to visit the dacha "Swallow's Nest". It is a replica of a Gothic castle on a rocky cliff.

The Vorontsov Palace with the most luxurious park in Crimea is located in the village of Alupka at the foot of Mount Ai-Petri. This palace has an unusual architecture.

In the village of Koreiz, there is the Yusupov Palace, which survived several wars and did not suffer from any of them.

If you are planning a vacation with children, they will be happy to visit with you the Yalta Zoo, Glade of Fairy Tale and the sea aquarium, which are located next to each other. You can also visit the Crocodile Farm with your family, where you will have the opportunity to see a large number of crocodiles and their babies and learn a lot about them.

What to do in Alushta?

The first step in Alushta is to visit the Valley of Ghosts. Stone sculptures created by nature will surely be able to impress you. Here, at the foot of Mount Demerdzhi, you can see the Funu fortress.

Walking around the city, take a look at the courtyard of the house number 15 along 15 April Street and see the surviving fragments of the Aluston fortress, which was built in the 6th century.

In Alushta, you can visit the Aquarium, which presents more than 250 species of fish.

This city is home to one of the best water parks in Crimea. Almond Grove Water Park has 6 swimming pools, 14 water slides, solarium, waterfalls, jacuzzi, fountains and other attractions.

Fans of outdoor activities should visit the Chatyr-Dag mountain, which is rich in karst caves. Here you can admire stalagmites, stalactites and underwater lakes.

Don't be discouraged if you don't have enough time to visit all the attractions. There must be something left for the next vacation.

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