Who Will Definitely Not Be Given A Visa To Germany

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Who Will Definitely Not Be Given A Visa To Germany
Who Will Definitely Not Be Given A Visa To Germany
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Germany is one of the Schengen countries. All the countries included in it have signed an agreement, according to which the procedure for issuing visas is now standardized for all of them. However, the decision to issue a visa is always made by a person, so you can never predict what it will be.

Who will definitely not be given a visa to Germany
Who will definitely not be given a visa to Germany

Reasons for refusing a German visa

The reasons for visa refusals in Germany are exactly the same as in any other Schengen country. If a refusal was received, the embassy will issue the applicant a letter in Russian and a copy in German. It will indicate the reason why the person was denied a visa. Under the new rules for issuing Schengen visas, all embassies are obliged to justify the reason for the refusal, but Germany has been doing this for quite some time without it.

There are several reasons for Germans to refuse a visa. Things like a blank passport or the fact that the applicant is an unmarried girl are not reasons for refusal. Moreover, not only from the official point of view, but also in real practice, Germany refuses if a person has specific violations. In this country, it is not accepted to make decisions based on speculation.

The new visa refusal form lists only nine reasons.

1. The applicant has submitted forged or false documents. This includes, for example, a canceled hotel reservation.

2. Lack of documents confirming the purpose of the stay. Failure to book a hotel, provide a private invitation, or even map out an itinerary around the country may raise suspicions.

3. Insufficient funds in the account. You should have at least 50 euros for every day of stay in Germany per person, but it is better to have enough money.

4. The term of stay in the Schengen area has already expired this six months. According to the rules, for any 6 months a tourist can stay in Schengen for no more than 3 months.

5. The person is blacklisted due to violations committed on the territory of the Schengen countries in the past.

6. Any states from the Schengen area consider the applicant to be suspicious or dangerous.

7. Lack of insurance policy.

8. The intention to leave the country on time has not been confirmed. In other words, the consulate doubts that the person is going to return home.

9. The applicant has provided incorrect information about his stay in the past, such as having booked a hotel and not staying in it. If the consulate somehow found out about this, it may well refuse. It also happens that visas are canceled before crossing the border if they find out that people have canceled the reservations that they provided to the consulates.

Anyone who violates at least one of the above conditions is likely to be denied a German visa. All other reasons are not sufficient justification for not obtaining a German visa.

How to protect yourself from visa refusal

The only way is to prepare all the documents in the best possible way. Firstly, all the papers required by the consulate must be present with you. Secondly, they must be real. The consulates of some countries do not check information from tourists, but the staff of the German embassy take their duties very seriously.

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