Which Sea Separates Australia And New Zealand

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Which Sea Separates Australia And New Zealand
Which Sea Separates Australia And New Zealand

Video: Which Sea Separates Australia And New Zealand

Video: Which Sea Separates Australia And New Zealand
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The island state of New Zealand is separated from Australia by a very small sea in terms of planetary standards and a mass of islets, which, like the sea, were discovered by the explorer and traveler A. Tasman. Actually, the sea was named in honor of the discoverer.

Which sea separates Australia and New Zealand
Which sea separates Australia and New Zealand


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The name of the sea that separated Zealand from Australia is associated with the famous navigator Abel Tasman from Holland, who traveled to this part of the planet in 1640.

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The Tasman Sea is distinguished by its great depth, which in some areas reaches six kilometers. Its territory is located in three climatic zones, which could not but affect the specifics of the climate and flora. Naturally, the temperature of the water surface also differs: if in some places during the summer it is + 27 ° C, then in others it barely reaches + 15 ° C. In winter, in the south, the water temperature can drop to + 9 ° C.

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The coastline on the mainland and the island of New Zealand is fairly flat, without any strong cuts. There are practically no bays, bays or underwater caves, grottoes. But in the Tasman Sea there is a rather complex bottom topography, where there are a large number of ridges, uplifts, depressions and hollows.

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On the shores of the mainland and islands, the bottom has a sandy character, but in the south you can admire the coral reefs. As for the structure of the soil, at the depth of the reservoir it can be clayey or sandy-clayey.

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Considering the fact that the Tasman Sea is located in several climatic zones, its flora and fauna differ significantly in different areas. The northern part of the sea, which is located near the tropics, is similar in vegetation and living creatures to the Coral Sea, which is nearby. It is dominated by islands with coral reefs, and the flora consists of a small amount of algae and herbaceous formations. As for the animal world, it is mostly represented by crustaceans, jellyfish and larvae.

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In the southern part of the reservoir - closer to the islands - the vegetation is much richer in terms of quantity. On the coast you can find dense algae of different colors, in the surface part of the water there is a significant amount of phytoalgae and zooplankton, which is represented by small crustaceans. The presence of zooplankton in the southern waters could not but affect the presence of cetaceans in the sea, represented by a small number of whales, killer whales and sperm whales.

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Also, various species of sharks live in this sea, among which you can find white and even tiger. Shoals of schooling fish also pass in the southern part. These are tuna, mackerel, sardine, saury, herring, flounder. Among other large fish, in this part of the sea, one can note the famous tuna fish, the fast-swimming swordfish, and sailfish.

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