Where To Go From Dusseldorf

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Where To Go From Dusseldorf
Where To Go From Dusseldorf
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Dusseldorf is a small city in western Germany, you can explore it in a couple of days and travel further across Europe. There are several routes proven over the years.

Where to go from Dusseldorf
Where to go from Dusseldorf


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Amsterdam from Dusseldorf can be reached in a couple of hours by train. There are many interesting sights in Amsterdam. If you are traveling with a child, be sure to check out the magnificent Amsterdam Zoo, which is home to over seven hundred species of animals. The zoo has a planetarium, a huge aquarium, a children's farm, a zoological and geological museums. You can walk here all day without having seen half of the interesting corners and places. If you are coming from Dusseldorf with a big noisy company, Amsterdam has a lot of entertainment for adults from architectural monuments to the famous red light district.

Step 2

By high-speed train in three hours you can get from Dusseldorf to Brussels. In the capital of Belgium, architecture lovers will find stunning old buildings that can be examined for hours; for children and young-spirited adults, not far from Brussels, there is the Oceade water park, which has a huge number of slides, pools and other attractions. Lovers of a quieter holiday will undoubtedly find it interesting to visit the famous Mini-Europe miniature park, which houses small copies of all the famous buildings of this region. And modern art lovers will certainly be interested in the comics scattered throughout the city, painted on the walls of buildings.

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In an hour and a half you can get by train from Dusseldorf to Luxembourg, where you must see the famous Upper Town. Here is the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral, which houses the famous image of the Mother of God and the Child Jesus. In the Upper City, you cannot pass by the Palace of the Grand Dukes, which in time immemorial was just the City Hall, its spiers and towers are just asking for postcards. If you are a fan of ultra-modern architecture, be sure to check out the Kirtberg Plateau, where an almost cosmic architectural complex made of mirrored glass was erected twenty years ago, which still looks absolutely futuristic.

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