How To Relax In Goa

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How To Relax In Goa
How To Relax In Goa
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Why Goa? Why not traditional Turkey or Egypt? It's simple, the Russian spirit burst into the local flavor of these countries. Sari, Dhoti, Ayurveda, beaches, sun, relaxation, trance - all this is Goa. Don't expect to be greeted by fun animations and contests. No, Goa is not Turkish All Inclusive. The service there is far from ideal. Goa is the richest and cleanest (for India) state in India, more like Europe, but with local characteristics.

How to relax in Goa
How to relax in Goa


Step 1

So, you are in Goa. How to feel all the exotic?

To get started, rent a scooter. Get ready, there are practically no traffic rules! The roads are narrow, but of high quality, there are many intersections, speed bumps, and cows are running out every now and then, so it will not work.

Step 2

When it comes to shopping, you can get closer to the style of the locals. Indian fun is bargaining, you can even cut prices by 50 percent. Clothes in Goa are cheap. For $ 10, you can fill yourself a suitcase full. Although the things are inexpensive for the price, they are quite beautiful and of high quality.

Step 3

As for the evening, be sure to visit Curlie's bar, the famous trance parties from ten in the evening to midnight take place there. Smoking chilom will relax you and immerse you in the atmosphere of Goa and relaxation.

If you prefer a quieter and more relaxed atmosphere, then you should dine at a Russian restaurant. There are several of them in Goa: the restaurant Moscow, Doroga, Baba Yaga and Tchaikovsky. The dishes there are both Russian and exotic. Restaurant staff wear dreads and Russian national clothes.

You will find snack bars at almost every corner. They drink mainly local Kingfisher beer, port, Old Monk rum with cola and cane juice.

Step 4

The sunset will definitely not leave you indifferent. The river flows into the sea, and the sun sets in it. An amazing sight!

Step 5

If you want to experience the nature of Goa, then the reed hut by the sea is for you. Moreover, it is quite inexpensive to remove it.

Rastamans sometimes roam near the huts. Cows lie in the shade of palm trees. A bonfire on the shore and a sunset will take you away from reality. Unforgettably!

Step 6

Be sure to go on excursions to the temples of Shanta Durga, Sri Mageshi. Visit the Savoy Spice Plantation, Hampi Monuments. You should also visit the Dudhsagar Nature Reserve.

Whatever type of vacation you choose, Goa will not leave you indifferent!

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