How To Get From Moscow To Krasnogorsk

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How To Get From Moscow To Krasnogorsk
How To Get From Moscow To Krasnogorsk
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Krasnogorsk is a city-forming settlement in the Moscow region, located 22 km from the center of the capital to the north-west and 2 km from the Moscow Ring Road. You can get from Moscow to Krasnogorsk by train, bus, minibus and private car.


Moscow - Krasnogorsk by public transport

You can get from the capital to Krasnogorsk by train along the Riga railway. Trains leave from the Rizhsky railway station, located on the square. Rizhskaya, 1, the exact timetable of electric trains can be found by calling a single reference telephone +7 (800) 775 00 00. The fare is 52 rubles. 50 k., Travel time - 32 min. Flights depart from 10:49 to 00:16 every 7-30 minutes.

Also from the Kursk railway station, located on the street. Zemlyanoy Val, 29, electric trains depart in the direction of Krasnogorsk from 03:53 to 22:49 at intervals of 15 - 3 minutes. Tickets cost 70 rubles, travel time takes 43 minutes.

Transit flights to Krasnogorsk depart from the Tushino bus station, which is located at 9, Stratonavtov Avenue. Buses leave the station every day from 07:47 to 21:25 at intervals of 5 - 30 minutes. Additionally, on weekdays, flights are released at 07:05, 08:00, 08:25, 09:10, 09:20, 12:10, 14:05, 16:05, 18:40 and on weekends - 07:25, 08:10, 09:00. Ticket price - 49 rubles, duration - 25 minutes. no plugs. Bus No. 549 travels along the Ilyinskoye highway, No. 542 - along the Volokolamskoye highway. Also, a route taxi № 566 departs from the station every day as it fills up with passengers.

Minibuses No. 67 and 492 leave the metro station Skhodnenskaya every day. The first route runs through the radio market and the Mitino metro station, the second one - along Dubravnaya street and further along Volokolamskoe highway.

To Krasnogorsk by private car and taxi

There are three options for getting to Krasnogorsk from Moscow by car. The first option is to travel along Volokolamskoe highway, which is one of the central streets of Krasnogorsk. But you should be aware that there are often traffic jams on this highway. The second - the road lies through the Novorizhskoe highway, which will take you to Krasnogorsk, located along the Ilyinsky highway. And the third option is to travel through the Mitino metro station, along the Pyatnitskoye highway, past the Penyaginskoye cemetery, getting directly onto the Volokolamskoye highway, bypassing the fork in the Volokolamskoye and Ilyinskoye highways and the traffic police post. On average, the road takes 20 minutes. without stops and long traffic jams.

Many Moscow taxi services provide their services for the delivery of passengers to the city of Krasnogorsk. Basically, there is a tariff scale for time. The first 20 minutes. cost 280 rubles, then the fee is charged for 1 minute. - 10 p. or 1 km - 20 rubles. You can get from the airports of the capital to Krasnogorsk for 800 rubles. from Sheremeyev, 1200 p. from Vnukovo and for 1800 rubles. from Domodevovo.

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