Where To Go & Nbsp; On Vacation In Russian & Nbsp; South

Where To Go & Nbsp; On Vacation In Russian & Nbsp; South
Where To Go & Nbsp; On Vacation In Russian & Nbsp; South

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While on vacation, you really want to soak up the warm sea, enjoying the sun and fresh breezes. Do not be upset if, for some reason, you do not have the opportunity to travel to popular foreign resorts. You can also enjoy your vacation by the sea in the south of Russia.

Where to go on vacation in the Russian south
Where to go on vacation in the Russian south

Sochi is perhaps the most famous Russian resort. Rest in this city is a great opportunity to visit the mild subtropical climate and admire the picturesque vegetation without leaving the country. In addition to traditional entertainment for a large resort city, tourists can also admire the preparations for the Olympics, which will be held here in 2014. In addition, in the city itself and not far from it there are many attractions, both architectural and natural. The only disadvantage of resting in Sochi is that the prices are quite high.

Anapa is another Russian city popular with tourists. It is suitable for both relaxation and recovery. Anapa has beautiful sandy beaches, so beloved by many vacationers. In addition to a lazy beach holiday, you can also make an excursion to local attractions - dolmens, waterfalls on the Zhanet River and a floristic reserve are waiting for you.

Gelendzhik is a popular resort in Russia, located on the shore of the bay of the same name. Bordered by the Caucasus Mountains, the city looks very picturesque. And the Gelendzhik embankment is considered the longest in the world. For lovers of outdoor activities and vivid impressions in the city there are three water parks and two cable cars.

Tuapse is a large city, the administrative center of its district, which is located on the picturesque coast of the Black Sea. In addition to the beautiful pebble beaches in the city itself and numerous health resorts stretching along the entire sea coast of the Tuapse region, the city is famous for its ancient history, which is interesting to get acquainted with. Also, vacationers are offered excursions to unique natural attractions and climbing the Indyshkho volcano.

Taman is a small settlement located on the peninsula between the Azov and Black seas. If you want to relax on two seas at a time - go to this village. The infrastructure in Taman is not very developed, but there is a huge variety of beaches for every taste.

When choosing which place in the Russian south is better to go, pay attention to the villages located near the major resort towns. Prices are usually much lower there.

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