Where To Go To Nature

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Where To Go To Nature
Where To Go To Nature

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Depending on the time of year, the type of enjoyable outdoor activities can vary. Some people like picnics, some like ice fishing, some like paintball.

Where to go to nature
Where to go to nature


Step 1

One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to spend time in nature is to go for a picnic in the forest or forest park closest to the city. For the event to be guaranteed to succeed, it is necessary to draw up a menu and a shopping list in advance. Stock up on disposable dishes, awnings and a portable barbecue, at least twelve hours before departure to marinate the barbecue. It is advisable not to forget about repellents so that mosquitoes do not spoil the rest. And, of course, after the picnic is over, you need to clean up all the trash after you. By the way, if you take care of the right clothes, even a winter outing for a barbecue can be very comfortable.

Step 2

Lovers of a long-term "savage" holiday can extend the picnic. Bring tents, cooking utensils. Camp on the banks of a river or lake. Such a holiday can gather a large family or just good friends around a fire.

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If the soul asks for something unusual, you can do, for example, paintball. This is a team game that uses a paintball gun. This is an active and interesting outdoor recreation, there are paintball clubs almost near any major city. Paintball (if we consider it as a recreation, and not a serious sport) does not require special skills, and all equipment can be rented directly from the club. Typically, the bases on which the games take place are a combination of forest and meadows, which makes them very scenic.

Step 4

In winter, outdoor enthusiasts can collect fishing rods and other useful equipment for ice fishing. Competitions and even championships in ice fishing are held on the territory of Russia. The most important thing for a desperate fisherman is to warm up properly, then the meditative expectation of a bite will not cause any discomfort.

Step 5

If you want to celebrate some kind of event in nature, but do not want to organize yourself, you can hire specialists. They will calculate the budget, organize the delivery of guests and the cultural program. A wedding or birthday celebrated in a picturesque forest or on the shore of a beautiful lake will be remembered for a long time.

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