Why You Can't Swim In The Red Sea At Night

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Why You Can't Swim In The Red Sea At Night
Why You Can't Swim In The Red Sea At Night
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In Egypt, there is a ban on night swimming in the Red Sea. Unfortunately, many tourists are convinced that this is just the malignity of the staff. In fact, breaking this rule can have dire consequences.

Why you can't swim in the Red Sea at night
Why you can't swim in the Red Sea at night

You can admire the beauty of the underwater world of the Red Sea from early morning until sunset.

In the Red Sea, even during the day, nothing can be touched with your hands. A seemingly harmless coral, it can release poison when it feels disturbed. Moving organisms can bite or scratch. Some just spit poisonous thorns.

One can imagine how much the situation escalates in the dark.

After sunset, it is better not to go into the water.

There are several reasons for this.

Sea urchins

These funny guys prefer to swim in the depths during the day, but when the sun goes down they move to shallow water. It is impossible to see them in the dark, but to feel them is easy.

The needles easily stick into the heel and then you cannot pull them out of there, as they are very fragile, thin and rough. It remains only to wait until they dissolve themselves. This will take two or three weeks, and the rest of the rest will be ruined, since you cannot stand on your leg.

In this case, there is also the likelihood of an abscess. The presence of shoes will reduce the likelihood of encountering a hedgehog, but will not completely eliminate it. In addition, slippers will not help in other situations.


The second danger that can await you at night at sea is ─ corals, of which there are a great many in the Red Sea. During the day they are visible and do not pose a danger, but at night they can be very seriously injured.

Marine predators

A great variety of different animals live in the Red Sea. And since they do not have enough space, they live in two shifts.

During the day, small and harmless ones are awake, but at night predators are in charge. In the dark, it is impossible to notice the approach of a dangerous animal, but it sees you perfectly.

The consequences can be imagined, especially since the monster slept and hungry all day.

There is a ban on feeding fish. Unfortunately, many tourists don't take it seriously and walk away from breakfast with pockets full of fish buns.

Meanwhile, the fish's body is not designed to digest flour products. As a result, death occurs. Tourists fed during the day, and by nightfall the fish died. And predators come running to the corpse at night.

If you do decide to go for a night swim, consider health insurance. “Situations of Intentional Risk” is not an insured event. You will have to pay for your treatment yourself.

It should be remembered that the Red Sea in the dark is a great danger and do not break the rules. Unfortunately, if you see a tourist swimming in the dark, you can safely address him in Russian.

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