How To Become A Canadian Citizen

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How To Become A Canadian Citizen
How To Become A Canadian Citizen
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Do you like hockey? Maybe you are attracted by something Canadian megacities Toronto and Montreal? Or do you love nature, which has not deprived this northern country of beauty? Perhaps just looking for a better life? In any case, the instructions below will be helpful for people wishing to obtain citizenship of the country of the maple leaf.

How to become a Canadian citizen
How to become a Canadian citizen


Step 1

Travel to Canada. First you need to get a work visa at the Canadian embassy. Or a visa for study. All this is only needed so that you can officially live in Canada for three years in a row. According to the laws of this country, those wishing to obtain Canadian citizenship must have lived in Canada for three years out of the last four years.

Step 2

Learn to read Shakespeare's sonnets or Hugo's Notre Dame de Paris in the original. To obtain citizenship in Canada, you must be able to communicate in one of the state languages. English is preferable, but if you are going to live in Quebec, then it is better to pull up French. The level of knowledge should be sufficient for free communication. This applies to both written and spoken language.

Step 3

Read Canadian law. You must know the rights and responsibilities of Canadian residents. In addition, you will have to study the history, geography and political structure of this country. The most complete information can be obtained from the book "A look at Canada". This book is available when applying for Canadian citizenship.

Step 4

Get ready for testing. Testing will take place during the processing of your citizenship application. It will take several months. Applicants from 18 to 59 years old are allowed to be tested.

Step 5

Prepare your documents. When passing the test, you will need to present the originals of the following documents: driver's license and bank or medical card. In addition, you need to prepare two photos and pay the fee.

Step 6

Wait for results. After passing the test, you need to wait several weeks for the final decision. If the decision of the Canadian side is positive, you will be informed about the time and place where you will receive a certificate of a Canadian citizen at the ceremony. You will then be able to exchange your certificate for a Canadian passport.

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