How To Check The Travel Restriction

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How To Check The Travel Restriction
How To Check The Travel Restriction

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According to Russian law, a citizen who has not paid any debts to organizations or individuals on time may be restricted from traveling abroad. And there is a way to find out about this in order to resolve the situation in advance and not spoil your planned business trip or vacation.

How to check the travel restriction
How to check the travel restriction


Step 1

Find out if you have any tax arrears. You can get information about this in a special section of the official website of the Federal Tax Service. Go to the site, fill in the proposed fields, indicating the last name, first name and patronymic, as well as the region of residence and individual tax number - TIN. Click the search button. The system will give you all the amounts that you owe to the tax office. This includes transport, property, and land taxes. At the same time, private entrepreneurs should take into account that tax payments related to their professional activities are not included in the list on this website. If you do not have a TIN, then you can get information about the debt only in person, at the district office of the Federal Tax Service upon presentation of your passport.

Step 2

Check if you owe any amounts to banks. To do this, it is usually enough to call their customer service, give the contract number and code word, and they will be able to provide you with the necessary data. If the bank does not support such a reporting scheme, get the necessary information by personally contacting the branch of a financial institution that provides services to individuals. There, upon returning the entire loan amount, you can get a certificate of the absence of debt, which you can have with you in case of unjustified claims.

Step 3

If you find debt, determine if it can become an obstacle to traveling abroad. Since 2009, the amount of such debt should be over 5,000 rubles. Plus, the creditor has to sue you and win it. And if, even after the appeal of the bailiffs, the amount is not paid, you may be banned from traveling abroad. In the event that your conflict with the creditor has already reached the level of the bailiffs' intervention, you can find out directly from them whether you can leave the Russian Federation.

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