What Dubai Looks Like

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What Dubai Looks Like
What Dubai Looks Like
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Dubai today is a huge sky-scraper, romantic musical fountains, endless sand dunes, huge shopping centers and an unforgettable impression of all this splendor.

What Dubai looks like
What Dubai looks like


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Dubai is one of the largest cities in the United Arab Emirates, which represents all the most beautiful, large and luxurious. Dubai is the fastest growing city in the world. Its unusually beautiful and tall skyscrapers fascinate at first sight. Here is the tallest building on the planet Burj Khalifa, which has no analogues in the world of high-rise construction. It differs not only in height, but also in the enormous speed of movement of the elevators and the observation deck, which is located at the very top. There are dancing fountains of extraordinary beauty near the skyscraper.

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The construction of new skyscrapers is underway in the area of ​​Sheikh Zayed Boulevard. An ultra-modern metro runs along the boulevard, the movement of which is carried out without drivers. The luxurious five-star hotels located on the boulevard are striking in their beauty.

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The dynamic silhouette of the skyscrapers is the Dubai Marina district, which is a modern landmark of the city. Here skyscrapers are located along the beach area of ​​the Persian Gulf. Superb beaches, camel drivers and deserts just behind the majestic skyscrapers all combine to create an amazing and extraordinary picture.

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An incredibly breathtaking spectacle is the Singing Fountain Show, which is held every evening. Near these fountains is the largest shopping complex in the world, the Dubai Mall. In addition to a large number of shops, there is an aquarium with different types of exotic fish, cinema halls, an ice rink, as well as an entertainment complex for children.

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Of great interest is the presence, against the backdrop of the sweltering heat and the Arabian desert, of an indoor ski resort, which has several slopes with different levels of difficulty, a wonderful snow park and many other entertainments.

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There are almost never traffic jams in Dubai. This is due to the presence of convenient road junctions and overpasses that ring the whole city. Taxis are the most common transport in Dubai for both locals and tourists.

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Dubai is unusually beautiful at night, where the lush greenery of plants, combined with the bizarre architecture of skyscrapers, is generously flooded with colorful lights that illuminate this splendor. Thus, Dubai is a city in the present tense, where everything is comfortable, beautiful and created for a person.

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