Where To Go To Travel

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Where To Go To Travel
Where To Go To Travel
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Traveling can be a short-term vacation or it can be a lifestyle. To choose the place where you will go, you should take into account many factors - budget, experience, unpretentiousness, hobbies for specific countries and cultures, season, mode of travel, time resources. But with any initial data, you can plan yourself an exciting adventure.

Where to go to travel
Where to go to travel


Step 1

Explore your region. With a minimum budget and a limited amount of time, it will be advisable to explore the nearest available attractions. For example, if you live in one of the Ural cities, visit a local ski resort (Abzakovo, Belaya, Volchikha). If it is not the season, then go on walking tours, river rafting or visit a local cultural attraction (Arkaim, Nevyansk, Kungurskaya cave).

Step 2

Residents of central Russia can explore the cities of the Golden Ring, southerners can easily get to the sea coast or the Caucasus Mountains, Siberians can enjoy the nature of Altai or the Krasnoyarsk pillars. With a minimum budget, you can travel by bike or hitchhiking.

Step 3

Travel across Russia and neighboring countries. If you do not have financial problems and tight time frames, go explore the distant corners of your homeland. Depending on the time of year and your interests, you can go to the sea, to the mountains or to historical sites.

Step 4

On the territory of Russia and neighboring countries, there are many places that deserve attention - Lake Baikal, the mountains of the Northern Urals, ancient fortresses of Dagestan, white-stone churches of the Vladimir region. If you like to relax in warm regions, go to the Black Sea, if you want to enjoy nature, then Sayan, Caucasus, Crimea and Altai are waiting for you. To get acquainted with cultural sights, go to St. Petersburg, Tobolsk, Samarkand or Kiev.

Step 5

Travel to distant lands. If you have the opportunity to travel outside the country, then almost all roads are open for you. If you love a winter fairy tale - go to Finland, if you want to enjoy the culture - Italy, Germany, Greece or France are waiting for you. Beach lovers should go to Croatia, Australia or the UAE.

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