How To Choose A Tourist Stove

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How To Choose A Tourist Stove
How To Choose A Tourist Stove
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The first portable burner, fueled by liquefied gas, was developed by Primus in Sweden shortly after the war, and all such devices were called primus after the company name. Primus was intended for domestic purposes, but as soon as compact gas cylinders appeared, the first field gas burner was created. Despite the fact that a tourist gas burner and a household stove are different devices, in Russia people very often call a burner a tourist stove.

How to choose a tourist stove
How to choose a tourist stove


The most common tourist burner is the gas stove. This is a very simple thing to use: the burner itself is compact and lightweight, and the fuel for it is sold in standardized cylinders. It is very easy to turn it on, it is safe as the flame is very small, there is no flash. You can even cook in a tent if the weather is bad. There are very light burners, the weight of which does not even reach 100g.

This model is almost perfect in terms of safety. However, keep in mind that while screwing the gas cylinder onto the burner, you will sometimes release gas that may subsequently ignite, so do not carry out this operation in a tent.

Such a gas burner is suitable for most hikers, except for winter tourism enthusiasts: the gas burns poorly at temperatures below -30. Also, a gas burner may not be enough to provide food for a large number of people: its power is relatively low.

The disadvantages of this choice are in gas cylinders. Firstly, they cannot be disposed of in natural conditions, so you need to carry extra weight with you to the nearest hearth of civilization. Secondly, it is forbidden to carry gas on airplanes, and the prices for cylinders in remote areas can be greatly inflated.

Oil burner

This burner is suitable for those who hike in the winter. For example, for climbing mountain peaks, liquid fuel is much better than gas. Also, only a liquid burner is powerful enough to quickly cook food and warm tea for a large number of people.

Oil burners can be "powered" exclusively by a certain type of fuel, or they can consume different types of it - this is a multi-fuel option. It could be called optimal, if not for one feature: such burners must be constantly cleaned.

Important points when choosing a tourist primus

Whichever type of burner you prefer, be sure to take a closer look at the following characteristics. The first thing to clarify is the boiling time for 1 liter of water. Measurement is considered to be at room temperature. This way you can see at a glance how much the burner performance suits you.

Then pay attention to the maximum fuel consumption. It is advisable to choose the most economical option as possible. This is especially important if you go hiking as you will have to carry the cylinders in your backpack. Also very important properties will be the weight and dimensions of the burner.

The various additional options do not really matter. The most important among them are the flame power regulator and piezo ignition.

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