How To Get A Visa To Italy

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How To Get A Visa To Italy
How To Get A Visa To Italy

Video: How To Get A Visa To Italy

Video: How To Get A Visa To Italy
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You can go to Italy by purchasing a ticket at one of the many travel agencies. However, if you want to plan your vacation yourself, choose a hotel more freely, eat every day in new cafes or restaurants, it is better to plan your tour yourself. You just need to choose and book a suitable hotel via the Internet, buy air tickets (you can match airline discounts) and get an Italian visa.

How to get a visa to Italy
How to get a visa to Italy


Step 1

To obtain a visa, it is not at all necessary to contact a consulate or travel agency. There are special visa centers for this. They are a kind of intermediaries between tourists wishing to visit this or that country and the consulate of this country. There is an Italian Visa Application Center in Moscow. This is where you need to go for a visa to Italy. It is better to take care of obtaining a visa 2 weeks before the trip. Although it is usually ready within three days of submitting all documents, do not forget that there can be any overlaps. Call the visa support manager and select the time of your visit to the center. Then hurry up to prepare the necessary documents.

Step 2

The package of papers that will be required to obtain a visa to enter Italy is as follows: 1. An invitation from someone from Italy or a hotel reservation;

2. Round trip ticket or booking;

3. Medical insurance for the Schengen countries for the entire trip;

4. A copy of the first page of the foreign passport with personal data and a photograph of the applicant;

5. Application form with a photo;

6. Certificate from the place of work or study;

7. Financial guarantee proving your ability to support yourself during the trip (a photocopy of your card with an account statement or a salary certificate).

8. Foreign passport;

9. Receipt for payment of the consular fee (payable locally at the Visa Application Center). If you have friends or relatives in Italy, you can do without booking a hotel. An invitation must be provided instead.

Step 3

If you do not live in Moscow, this does not mean that you will have to go to the capital for a visa. There are branches of visa centers in other regions, check this on the website of the Italian Visa Application Center. Obtaining a visa on your own is a savings. Travel agencies charge extra money for this. At the visa application center you pay only 35 euros and 1000 rubles of the fee. If you want to go to Italy not as a tourist, but for study or work, you will need a different type of visa. And the package of necessary documents, accordingly, will be slightly different. All information about this can also be found in the Visa Application Center.

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