How To Restore A Train Ticket

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How To Restore A Train Ticket
How To Restore A Train Ticket
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If you lose your pre-purchased train ticket, you may find yourself in a very difficult situation, whether you are at home or traveling. Fortunately, it is possible to restore the form of such a ticket.

How to restore a train ticket
How to restore a train ticket


Step 1

Check if you can get your lost ticket back. For the company Russian Railways to help you, the train for which you bought the ticket must be domestic. Also, such a ticket must be bought on the territory of Russia. For a new international train ticket, contact the travel agency or foreign railway ticket office where you bought it.

Step 2

Contact the train ticket office where you bought your ticket. You can also reissue it at the station of departure or arrival of the train. There, give the cashier a statement addressed to the head of the station that you want to restore the lost ticket. In the application, indicate your last name, first name and patronymic, the direction of the train and the date of its departure. Show your passport, which was used to purchase your travel card. After these formalities, you will be able to receive a second copy of the ticket at the box office. Waiting for a ticket will take one to two hours.

Step 3

Pay the fee to receive a copy of your ticket. Then, if necessary, go to the train platform or return to your home or hotel. If you do not remember where you bought the ticket, or the departure date, contact the cashier of the station where your train leaves from. He may be able to find you on the passenger list.

Step 4

Keep in mind that you should only reissue the ticket in person, as you will be asked for a Russian passport. If this is not possible, issue a notarized power of attorney for another person.

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