How To Relax At Sea With A Tent

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How To Relax At Sea With A Tent
How To Relax At Sea With A Tent
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Rest on the sea, not in a star hotel, but in a small tent is one of the most romantic ways to spend your summer vacation. Such a vacation guarantees you an unforgettable experience and an amazing feeling of freedom and fulfillment of life.

How to relax at sea with a tent
How to relax at sea with a tent

Advantages and disadvantages of a savage holiday

In fact, a vacation at the sea with a tent is always organized in about the same way. Therefore, if you have similar experience, you are unlikely to need additional knowledge.

The advantages of a camping trip include its budget, lack of tight deadlines, great freedom in choosing a place, being in nature. You can find a very secluded spot and sunbathe there naked. You can make a fire and fry sausages on it. You can also take your loved one with you and fall asleep together to the sound of the waves!

When resting on the sea with a tent, do not forget to leave behind the place as clean as it was when you arrived.

But there are also disadvantages. It is the shortcomings that need to be compensated for by a reasonable choice of a place to rest and properly selected equipment. If you are resting as a savage, then you will not have a shower, toilet, refrigerator, electricity, as well as clean fresh water, in the quality of which you are absolutely sure.

Preparing for rest

Try to prepare in advance a list of possible places to pitch your tent. These can be camping towns or secluded beaches. Information about such places is full on the Internet. The better prepared you are to find a place, the sooner you will find a great option. When choosing a place, be guided by the presence of a nearby freshwater river or a store where you can buy water.

You should not immediately sweep aside such an option as a vacation in a paid camping. For a small price, you will get the opportunity to wash in the shower. The campsite usually has toilets, electrical outlets and kitchens for cooking, and clean fresh water.

What to take with you

Buy a really good tent that will keep you safe from the rain. Despite the fact that the summer at sea is usually quite sunny, even a short rain can ruin your life for the next few days. And short, regular rains every day will make the rest unbearable.

It is better to choose a tent that is not high so that it will not be blown away by a strong wind. It should also be double-layered, with good ventilation. It is good if, in addition to the tent, you have a large awning.

Air mattresses, foams for sleeping, sleeping bags (preferably warm) will come in handy. Everything for making a fire is obligatory: matches, a saw or an ax, paper for kindling. Of course, bring a pot, plates and mugs, cutlery, a knife and a can key.

You should definitely take care of the first aid kit! It should include insect bite repellent, bandage, plaster, antiseptic, aspirin and paracetamol.

Do not think that since you are going to the sea in the summer, you will not need warm clothes. The nights and evenings can be cold. Warm clothes, raincoats, hats (for sun protection) will be very helpful.

Additionally, it is useful to have with you: a flashlight, navigator or maps. Take sugar, salt, cereals, canned food, tea and coffee from the products.

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