How To Go To Tibet

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How To Go To Tibet
How To Go To Tibet

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Tibet is a calm land with beautiful nature and mysterious traditions. When your soul is restless, you want to abandon everything and rest, you can go to unwind in this wonderful region. Read below how you can do this.

How to go to Tibet
How to go to Tibet


Step 1

Contact travel agencies. The direction to Tibet is not the most popular, but it is quite accessible for Russian tourists. The cost of an eleven-day tour with all expenses will cost about $ 2,500. Get ready to fly and ride a lot. Most of the tours cover all the cultural and natural attractions of Tibet. That is, in one trip you will see the Himalayas, and you will see the palaces of the Dalai Lama. You can find tourist travel companies in Tibet through the Internet resource. Such trips are quite comfortable and you will not have to worry about how and where to get. It is enough to accumulate the required amount and then, starting from the departure from Moscow, travel agencies will already think about your leisure time. Currently, there is no problem in Tibet to find a Russian-speaking guide, so you can safely go to rest in this region, enjoying the culture, nature and comfort

Step 2

Go on an independent journey. There is nothing better than going to some distant country on your own, without the help of travel companies. What do you need for this? First, get there on your own. Since flying directly to Tibet is quite problematic, you can get to the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. And from there already take a tourist ticket for a few days to Tibet. You cannot do without the services of travel agencies, because to obtain a tourist visa to the PRC, you should have an invitation from one of the Chinese travel companies. Alternatively, you can get to Delhi (India) by plane, and from there by bus to Kathmandu. This trip will be cheaper, but it will take more time.

Step 3

Go to Tibet to study. For those wishing to stay in this region of China for a longer period than a week's trip, you can go to study in Lhasa. Tuition is relatively inexpensive, around RMB 8,000 per semester. To begin with, you should contact the Chinese Embassy, ​​telling them about your desire to study in Tibet. They will help you to dock with the educational institution. For admission there, most often you need to fill out a special questionnaire, letters of recommendation and a diploma or certificate.

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