How To Go To Live In Switzerland

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How To Go To Live In Switzerland
How To Go To Live In Switzerland
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Despite the harshness of Swiss immigration law, the number of people wishing to enter the country is only increasing every year. Entry into Switzerland for permanent residence is strictly limited, and citizenship is possible only after 12 years of residence in the country with full integration into the local society.

How to go to live in Switzerland
How to go to live in Switzerland


Step 1

Take advantage of the business immigration (passive investment) program, through which you can get a residence permit three months after you apply. A company can be registered in Switzerland by adult citizens who have no criminal record. You will have to pay the so-called lump-sum tax annually, the amount of which varies depending on the specific canton in which your company will operate. The residence permit will need to be confirmed every 10 years. The preparation of the necessary package of documents and registration of the company can be entrusted to a law office, which can also provide assistance in extending the residence permit.

Step 2

Make an investment of at least CHF 1 million in an economic sector that creates new jobs. This method is called active investment. In this case, the residence permit is issued three months after the approval of the project by the local authorities and passing all the necessary procedures. The most reliable options for business projects will be those related to social security of the population, for example, the organization of a home for the elderly.

Step 3

Try to visit the country beforehand to set the stage for your move by looking for a job. An invitation to work from a Swiss company is the main condition for obtaining a work visa. Keep in mind that the process of getting an invitation is quite complicated. First of all, highly qualified specialists from the EU countries, belonging to rare professions, can count on him. Only if there is no suitable candidate among them, the employer will turn his attention to representatives of other countries.

Step 4

Prove that there are substantial grounds according to which you can be recognized as a refugee who may be subjected to reprisals and whose rights are violated in the country of residence. In this case, you will receive a temporary residence permit, which will automatically renew if you do not violate Swiss laws. After five years, you will be able to obtain a permanent residence permit for a period of 10 years. Obtaining refugee status comes with many benefits: free medical care and housing in hostels.

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