House In Prostokvashino, Or Abandoned Villages In Russia

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House In Prostokvashino, Or Abandoned Villages In Russia
House In Prostokvashino, Or Abandoned Villages In Russia
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Every year in the country, interest in abandoned villages and settlements is growing. Someone wants to wander through abandoned huts, while someone seriously considers such houses as a permanent place of residence.

House in Prostokvashino, or abandoned villages in Russia
House in Prostokvashino, or abandoned villages in Russia

There are many abandoned facilities in Russia. After the collapse of the Soviet industry, many factories and collective farms, which made it possible for villages and entire cities to exist, were closed, and people left there in search of work. In Siberia, for example, you can find many ghost towns that arose precisely in connection with these events. Thousands of villages are scattered throughout the country, which were abandoned by people many years ago. But nothing is lost in the eyes of resourceful youth. Abandoned cities are constantly visited by so-called industrial tourists who go hiking and exploring such places. Abandoned villages, as a rule, attract ordinary, "natural" tourists.

How do you find them?

So, you set out to explore an abandoned village. Or at least take a hiking trip through it. To begin with, it is worth answering the obvious question - where to find them. This is where the first difficulties appear. If you are an autonomous tourist with your company, then it will be difficult for you to find such an object that will be of interest to study. Most likely, the first few abandoned villages will be one and a half houses on the side of the road near the Moscow - St. Petersburg highway. But, firstly, to begin with, this is already something, and secondly, experience must be acquired gradually. If you suddenly find an interesting object, then on any forum of urban tourism, for its coordinates, you will also be prompted by some interesting object. There are no good places for tourism on the road.

Excellent results can be obtained by communicating with the old-timers of the regional centers of the region you are interested in. Talk to older residents who are victims of enlargement policies. If you arrange them to yourself, you can get not only information about the now abandoned villages, but also a detailed map.

How to behave in an abandoned village

Finally, you have the coordinates, the route is developed, and you finally stand at the entrance to the object. First of all, don't turn an abandoned place into a barn. If it is in sight, it has already been done before you, and if it is difficult to access, respect other tourists. It is destructive behavior that is the reason why no one will ever give the location of a good, lost village to newcomers.

Sometimes you can find a village that has been abandoned for about fifty years, and there is something to explore and where to climb precisely because more conscious tourists have not ruined everything. If the village is abandoned, you can stay in it for the night, especially impressionable participants in the hike will remember such an adventure for a long time. In the event that the village is located in a hard-to-reach place, you do not have to worry that homeless people or hermits will meet there. It is better if you take as your main principle "Do not leave traces of your stay after yourself." Respect those who come to the site after you.

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