How To Organize A Hike

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How To Organize A Hike
How To Organize A Hike
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Extreme vacation has always attracted with its romance, it was an excellent opportunity to test your strength and see the most inaccessible corners of our planet. At first glance, hiking seems to be an easy pastime. In fact, you also need to properly prepare for them and organize all the little things.

How to organize a hike
How to organize a hike


Step 1

First you need to decide in which lineup you will go. This will determine which route of the hike should be laid. If beginners or children go with you, they will not be able to cope with mountainous terrain, hot or extreme routes.

Step 2

Decide on the quantitative composition of the group in order to calculate the required daily ration and medicines. The final composition of the group is presented at a general meeting two weeks before the hike. There, everyone is assigned their own role in the group.

Step 3

The itinerary should be designed with each day in mind. If you plan to meet a week, then you need to clearly know what the total mileage turns out, and how much distance you need to walk daily to meet the deadline. Why is it important? From how many days you will be cut off from civilization, the daily ration for each person will be calculated. When hiking, it is important not to carry too much, so nothing heavy and "in reserve" is not taken.

Step 4

Food is calculated in grams, it should be high-calorie, satisfying, not take up much space. If you are suddenly lingering in the woods, you should have an alternative food option. You will need to take with you a hunting rifle, fishing equipment.

Step 5

When deciding on a place to hike, proceed from the complexity of the route. Realistically assess your strengths and the capabilities of the group. Preparation for hikes in difficult weather conditions, in winter, in dangerous places begins long before the hike itself. Keep in mind that there are nature reserves that cannot be entered without special permission. You can only get to such places as part of an organized tourist group, and there are many restrictions.

Step 6

Now you can use the services of travel agencies that specialize in extreme recreation. For the first time, you can take advantage of their offer and make your daily transitions easier. In this case, the group is led by an experienced tourist, and all the places of the halt have already been specifically discussed and prepared for the meeting of the group. Therefore, you will be walking light, without a heavy backpack.

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