How To Book A Taxi At Domodedovo

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How To Book A Taxi At Domodedovo
How To Book A Taxi At Domodedovo
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If you arrived at Moscow Domodedovo airport, but do not know how to get to the desired address in the city, then ordering a taxi will be the easiest way to get to the right place.

How to book a taxi at Domodedovo
How to book a taxi at Domodedovo


Step 1

There is an official taxi service at Domodedovo airport, where you can make an order by contacting special counters. They are located in several places of the airport, so it is not difficult to find them. If you are unable to find a single taxi stand nearby, you can ask for help at the Information counter or any airport employee: they will help you.

Step 2

Taxi counters are located in the following locations. In the arrivals area of ​​international taxi lines, it is located at counters 231 and 232. In the arrivals area of ​​domestic flights, these are counters 2 and 3. There are also taxi call counters in the common area, near the airport exit number 3: this is counter number 185. If you are only If you have arrived, it is better to use one of the counters in the arrivals area, and for those seeing off it will be more convenient to call a taxi from the common area.

Step 3

When you go to the taxi desk, the operator will offer you a choice of several organizations involved in the transportation of passengers from Domodedovo airport. Then you will be able to choose the route to follow and the type of vehicle. All trips ordered from the airport are paid immediately at the taxi stand. As soon as the payment is completed, the operator will provide you with a receipt, a coupon for the trip and will call the driver, with whom you will go to the car together. You can pay for the trip with cash or with a plastic card of various types.

Step 4

Travel time from the airport is between one and two hours, depending on which address you need to travel to. If you are going to the south of Moscow, you can count on you to be there in an hour. The road to the center by car will take about an hour and a half. It will take about 2 hours to get to the northern part of Moscow, and the road to any other airport in the capital will take the same amount of time.

Step 5

If you want to order a taxi to get to Domodedovo, then you need to call any of the Moscow taxi operators. There are many companies organizing passenger transportation in the capital. The official Domodedovo taxi works only from the airport; you cannot call a car to get to the departure terminals from the city.

Step 6

Getting from Moscow by taxi usually takes the Kashirskoye highway, which is sometimes filled with cars. It is recommended to call a car in advance, as the travel time can be up to 2-4 hours if you are driving from the center or from the northern outskirts of Moscow. Remember that in order to timely pass pre-flight control, it is recommended to arrive at the airport no later than 2 hours before departure.

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