How To Quickly Pack A Suitcase

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How To Quickly Pack A Suitcase
How To Quickly Pack A Suitcase

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A true traveler should be able to pack up quickly. After all, an offer to make another trip can come completely unexpectedly. Therefore, the ability to quickly and compactly pack things is very useful.

How to quickly pack a suitcase
How to quickly pack a suitcase

What to put in your suitcase when going on vacation

At first it seems that packing things in a suitcase is very easy. And then, when the training camp begins, it becomes clear that it is very difficult to put everything you want, even in the largest bag. That is why you first need to make a list of what you need. For example, for a standard trip for a couple of weeks to hot countries, to the sea, tights, several pairs of high-heeled shoes, jeans, and men's suits are absolutely useless. If you have to combine rest with work, then the easiest way is to put on business clothes on yourself, and put light T-shirts, dresses, slippers in your suitcase. You also need to remove the cosmetic bag there. Large volume creams and lotions cannot be carried in carry-on baggage; they will be asked to be removed and left at the airport security checkpoint.

If you are planning a trip to a cold country, then you must pack a spare sweater, thermal underwear, woolen socks in your suitcase. Heavy winter shoes, a jacket, a hat, so that they do not take up space, it is better to take on board the plane in a travel bag.

If you travel frequently, you should always have clean T-shirts, a sweatshirt, light trousers or a dress in your wardrobe. These items should be intended for travel only, so you can put them in your suitcase without washing them first.

How to put things in a suitcase correctly

The basic rule of putting things in a suitcase is the hardest - down. Shoes, hair dryer, voluminous first aid kit are placed on the bottom of the suitcase. Then, during transportation, it will be stable, and the clothes placed on top will not be wrinkled. If you plan to transport fragile items, they need to be wrapped in T-shirts, sweaters, and even better - in a special packaging film. Then the chance to take them safe and sound will be higher. Fragile things are stacked in the center, they need to be fenced off from the walls of the suitcase with clothes.

Don't take a lot of things with you on vacation. Usually, light and high-quality summer clothes are sold at sea, so there is no point in taking a large wardrobe with you.

How to quickly put things in a suitcase

Having understood the basic principles of the layout, you can collect the suitcase very quickly. Put shoes in a bag so that they do not get dirty with neighboring things, put them down. Place a hairdryer, a first aid kit nearby, everything is heavy and not fragile. Further - clothes, things for the child, if he also goes on a trip. A laptop, camcorder, tablet and other gadgets are best placed in a separate bag. Suitcases are not always carefully folded into the luggage compartment; delicate equipment can be damaged.

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