Where To Go For Free In Moscow

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Where To Go For Free In Moscow
Where To Go For Free In Moscow
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There is a popular belief that free cheese can only be in a mousetrap. But a good look at the global network, you will see that this is far from the case. If you have no money but want to have a great time, here are some tips for where to go for free in a metropolis like Moscow.

Where to go for free in Moscow
Where to go for free in Moscow


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If you like romance, take a walk along the ancient streets. Create your own itinerary and enjoy the beauty of one of the most famous cities in the world. An excellent option, especially in the summer, can be a walk in the park or manor. Many of these places are also amusement parks with games and attractions. In addition, the parks also serve for various events, festivals, concerts and celebrations.

Step 2

Lovers of constant self-improvement and development will be cheered up by free master classes and trial lessons, exhibitions and excursions. For more information visit sites such as www.anothercity.ru/event-calendar, www.nahalyavu.com, www.slon.ru/calendar. On these resources, you will find the exact date, time and location of free events.

Step 3

If museums and exhibitions seem boring and uninteresting to you and you prefer noisy fun, pay attention to nightclubs with free admission. However, you will have to fork out for the use of various drinks. Club "Propaganda" will certainly interest you with excellent music and loyal prices at the bar. A cozy bar-club-restaurant "Shanti" will delight you with exotic cuisine and modern popular DJs.

Step 4

The next option for a free vacation is ideal for those who like to eat deliciously without paying a penny. Visit www.drink4free.livejournal.com, which informs its visitors about upcoming buffets, openings and events of various kinds, and feel free to go to the “feast”.

Step 5

Based on the above, you can spend your free time well without finances, it's just worth spending a little time for this. And most importantly, you need to have the Internet at hand. Be always on the move and give each other a great mood!

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