4 European Cities For Gourmet Food Lovers

4 European Cities For Gourmet Food Lovers
4 European Cities For Gourmet Food Lovers
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Europe can be proud of the richness of its cuisine. There are indeed many regions famous for their excellent cuisine. Not surprisingly, travelers willingly plan their trips to discover new flavors. Especially for those looking for inspiration, below is a list of 4 places to visit in search of new treats.

4 European cities for gourmet food lovers
4 European cities for gourmet food lovers

Siena, Italy

In Siena, you can enjoy delicious Tuscan cuisine. It is important to note that most tourists in the city only stay for one day, so the restaurants are not crowded in the evenings. The traditional dish is handmade pasta with aglione garlic sauce. It is also worth trying the famous delicacy of the town - Panfortedi siena - a cake that can be eaten for several months, the older it is, the tastier. Its specific taste and texture are given by large amounts of honey, dried fruits, nuts, cocoa and fresh fruits.

Donostia San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian is famous for its tapas. Local ham, fresh seafood - lick your fingers. One of the popular forms of tapas is pintxos - small sandwiches with a pile of different delicacies held together with a toothpick for ease of use. By the number of toothpicks, the bartender understands how many snacks were eaten and how much is required to pay. This ancient Spanish city is also famous for its molecular cuisine. It has received more Michelin stars per square meter of its territory than any other in the world. It is the birthplace of the New Basque Cuisine movement. You can find out what this means by feasting in local restaurants.

Sorrento, Italy

While in Sorrento in a restaurant with stunning views of the Amalfi Coast, don't be distracted by the beauty of this city on the menu. Without looking, you can order Sorrento-style gnocchi - Italian dumplings in a simple but lush tomato sauce with mozzarella - or freshly caught seafood. Regardless of the order, everyone will be satisfied and well-fed. The meal should be finished with a glass of light Limoncello liqueur.

Barcelona, ​​Spain

Barcelona is a gourmet paradise. In the city's restaurants, you can taste both traditional Catalan cuisine, such as Zarzuela (seafood goulash), or Fideua (paella, but with noodles instead of rice), as well as dishes from the cuisine of any country in the world. Barcelona also always has an alternative to expensive restaurants. You can go to the Boqueria market, buy local delicacies and have a picnic in one of the local parks. It is for this variety that Barcelona is loved.

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