Which Cities Have Monuments To Musical Instruments

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Which Cities Have Monuments To Musical Instruments
Which Cities Have Monuments To Musical Instruments
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Unusual and original monuments always attract the attention of the residents of this or that city, and tourists. Some of them are monuments to musical instruments, of which there are quite a few in various parts of the planet.

Monument to the guitar of Kurt Cobain in his hometown of Aberdeen
Monument to the guitar of Kurt Cobain in his hometown of Aberdeen


The most popular musical instrument to which monuments are erected all over the world is the guitar. It is to the guitar and guitarists that monuments are erected in almost all parts of the world. Some monuments erect the instrument of a certain musician, such as a monument to the guitar of Kurt Cobain in his hometown of Aberdeen, while others - directly to the guitar itself.

On the territory of Russia, monuments to the guitar are installed in Naberezhnye Chelny, Chelyabinsk, on the Katun River. The sculptors did not forget about the mediator, having erected a monument to him in Severodvinsk.

In Australia, a huge guitar monument is installed in the city of Tamworth, in Bolivia - in the city of Potosi, in Mexico - in the village of Paracho de Verdusco, in Lebanon - in Beirut, in the USA - in Cleveland, Sullivan and Miami. In Canada, the monument looks like a guitar case and is located in the city of Kitchener.

Other string instruments

Other stringed instruments are also not forgotten and immortalized in the original monuments. So, in St. Petersburg in the park named after Andrey Petrov - the composer - there are several statues dedicated to the violin.

There are also violin monuments in several settlements of Canada - in the city of Cavendish and the village of Harvey, in the city of Mittenwald in Switzerland, in Seoul in South Korea.

The cello was immortalized in Irkutsk (Russia), Jerusalem (Israel), Kharkov (Ukraine). The contrabass was also not forgotten in the Russian city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The balalaika, of course, could only be immortalized in Russia, which was done in the town of Bezhetsk in the Tver region.

A monument to the national Kazakh instrument kobyz was erected in Karaganda in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan boasts another kobyz monument in Almaty. There is a dombra sculpture next to it.

In Chinese Shanghai, American New Orleans, French Nice, they decided to erect monuments to all musical instruments at once. Most often they are huge pillars of stringed musical instruments.

Percussion instruments

In Latvia there is a town of Liepaja, where they love music very much, and therefore many tourist routes and favorite paths of townspeople are marked with notes. There is a drum kit monument and, of course, a guitar sculpture.

There is a monument to the drum in the city of Albacete in Spain. In Yekaterinburg, they also remember about the drum and dedicate its statue to the legendary group The Beatles.

In Khanty-Mansiysk there is a monument "The Golden Tambourine", which, although it is dedicated to the popular film festival, still depicts a woman with this musical instrument.

Keyboard instruments

A monument to Chopin was erected in Kiev, which looks like a white grand piano. Also, the grand piano is installed in Magnitogorsk in the Jazz Park. In the same park there is an accordion, saxophone, drum kit, bass guitar and cello.

Basically, monuments were erected not to the piano itself, but to great performers. For example, the monument to Ray Charles in Albany in the USA and in Montreux in Switzerland, Arno Babajanyan in Yerevan in Armenia, Arthur Rubinstein in the Polish city of Lodz are of interest. All the musicians are captured directly at the piano.


The button accordion, accordion and accordion are also immortalized in sculptures and monuments. There are such accordion monuments in the Russian cities of Ivanovo and Yanaul. There is a monument to the accordion in the Italian city of Castelfidardo.

There are much more monuments to accordionists and accordion players than monuments to the instruments themselves, for example, there are such statues in Saratov, Novosibirsk, Solnechnogorsk, Birobidzhan.

There are also numerous monuments directly to musicians: in Cotati in the USA there is a monument to accordionist Bojio, on the Novosibirsk-Ordynskoye highway at the place of the musician's death - a monument to accordionist Gennady Zavolokin, in Krasnodar - to accordionist Grigory Ponomarenko.

Wind instruments

Sculptors also paid attention to wind instruments. The monument to the saxophone - the king in the world of jazz - was erected in Yerevan (Armenia), in Dinan (Belgium), in Tbilisi (Georgia). There are much more monuments to saxophonists who masterfully manipulate the instrument: in Chelyabinsk, in Vinnitsa (Ukraine), in Burlington (USA), on the island of Hokkaido in Japan.

The monument to the pipe was erected in Chinese Shanghai and in Serbian Gucha. The flute monument is located in Chengdu in China. In Boguchar in the Voronezh region there is a common monument to the flute, trumpet, drum and accordion. A monument to the duduk, the national Armenian wind instrument, was erected in Moscow. Vuvuzelu, known to many football fans, was immortalized in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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