How To Get A Visa To Goa

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How To Get A Visa To Goa
How To Get A Visa To Goa
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In order to get to Goa, you need to obtain an Indian visa. The procedure for obtaining it is much easier than, for example, the Schengen one. It is enough to collect the necessary documents and submit them to the visa center of the Indian Embassy.

How to get a visa to Goa
How to get a visa to Goa


Step 1

Complete the Indian Visa Application Form. You can download the application form on the official website of the Embassy of India in the Consular Services section. Print the application in duplicate, fill in legible block letters in English. You can also fill out the application form online on the website. At the embassy, ​​you only need to sign your name

Step 2

Take 2 color photographs. Keep in mind that photography is very demanding. Their size should be 35 by 40 mm. Note to the photographer that the top of the shoulders must be in the lens. In addition, the head should occupy 70-80% of the entire area of ​​the photo. The image should be clear, the face is turned strictly towards the camera. Photos with streaks and stains are not accepted. Photographs in which the skin color is different from the natural color of the person applying for a visa, for example, too red or yellow, may also be rejected.

Step 3

Purchase a round trip air ticket. A copy of it or a printout of the itinerary sheet of an electronic ticket is suitable for submission to the embassy.

Step 4

Book your hotel for your entire stay in India. If you are traveling to Goa on a private visit, receive a notarized letter of guarantee from the host and attach it to the package of documents.

Step 5

Make copies of all pages of the Russian passport that have entries. Also make a copy of the page of your passport with a photo pasted on it. Take the original to the embassy. A prerequisite for obtaining an Indian visa is the validity of the passport for the next six months.

Step 6

Pay at the visa center the consular fee (1600 rubles), attach the receipt of payment to the general package of documents. Remember that the provision of documents confirming your financial solvency and place of work is not required in the general procedure for obtaining a visa, but the embassy may request them.

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