How To Get A Visa To Tajikistan

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How To Get A Visa To Tajikistan
How To Get A Visa To Tajikistan

Video: How To Get A Visa To Tajikistan

Video: How To Get A Visa To Tajikistan
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Your trip to Tajikistan may be related to tourist, business and other purposes. In any case, before leaving for this country, it is advisable to find out if you need a visa and how you can get it, if necessary.

How to get a visa to Tajikistan
How to get a visa to Tajikistan


Step 1

Get your passport if you haven't done so before. You will need it even when crossing the border without a visa. You can get this passport at the district office of the Federal Migration Service. Its registration takes from one to three months, depending on whether you live where you are registered. If not, the process of studying your questionnaire takes longer.

Step 2

If you have a passport, check if you have baked its expiration date. A regular passport is valid for five years, and a new document is valid for ten.

Step 3

Find out if you even need to get a visa. Citizens of Russia and several dozen other states, a complete list of which is given on the website of the Tajik Embassy in Moscow, do not need a visa for a short trip to the country. For a business or tourist trip, the required mark in the passport will be put to you at the entrance to the country, at the airport or at the border when entering by rail or road.

Step 4

If you need to come to Tajikistan for more than 45 days, you will need to apply for a visa at the embassy. To do this, collect a package of documents depending on your purposes of stay in the country. For example, students will need to present an invitation from an educational institution, and a person applying for a job - from an employer.

Step 5

Come to the Embassy of Tajikistan during working hours with all the documents. In Moscow, it is located at 13 Granatny Pereulok. Fill out a visa application form on the spot and attach passport photos to it. Give the employee your documents, application form and passport, as well as pay the fee for obtaining a visa. The amount depends on the type of visa and can range from eight hundred to six thousand rubles.

Step 6

Wait for your visa to be issued. Consideration of documents takes from three to seven days. After this period or after a call from the visa service, visit the embassy again and certify your passport with a visa.

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